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"Around We Go : Love Intertwines"
Book 5
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"No," Susan cried out loud into the early morning hours, while sitting in the wilderness in Kentucky. "Why did you kill him?" After all this time she was finally able to see who killed her brother David. Now, what would she do with the information?

Johnnie, having grown tired of the bizarre lifestyle that Abby offered her, decided to take off without a word, leaving Abby depressed and wondering why. Was the stage now set for Marie to be a replacement even though she wasn't Johnnie's type? Not if Johnnie had anything to say about it.

Lisa turned out to be a friend instead of the foe that Susan had worried about, but did that guarantee that she would be able to keep little Billy?

Stephanie, knowing in her heart that it was really over with Susan this time because of what she herself had done, had to decided if she was going to go back home to Colorado or stay and fight for one of the women she was wanting.

When Teresa and Susan's dad showed up on the news dead, would more question be answered or would it just cause a plethora of new ones to be asked?

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"Around We Go: A New Beginning" 
Book 6
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Quiet time in the woods quickly turned into a nightmare for Susan as she came face to face with the past that had been haunting her for years. She had sought closure for as long as she could remember, and now that she was faced with this closure she was terrified of the outcome.

Lisa grew more and more worried about Susan being lost as the day drudged on. She impatiently waited for Charles to return, even with his assurance that he was sure Susan was fine, Lisa still wanted him to mount a full-blown search for her.

Johnnie had taken over Marie’s life in more ways than one in such a short time. She felt her new bitchy attitude from the power she possessed over Marie was getting harder and harder to control and, if truth be known, she liked this new and improved Johnnie.

Marie wasn’t so sure about Johnnie’s attitude and when they went to Len’s diner she got a full dose of reality as Johnnie, who seemed to not even know she was there, proceeded to flirt with Connie, the bimbo waitress, right in front of her. 

Little did any of them know what lay ahead?

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Marie quickly did as Johnnie requested and after grabbing the towel and getting it all laid out she nervously climbed into bed. She lay there, staring at the ceiling, as the cold air in the room licked her naked flesh. 

A shiver of anticipation ran through Marie. Her heart slammed into her chest as Johnnie walked back into the room and closer to the bed. Marie very much liked this woman.

Johnnie held up the wrapped Popsicle for Marie to see as she sat on the side of the bed. She slowly pulled the frozen grape treat from the package and smiled, “Grape is my favorite,” she said.

Marie glanced at the mischievous gleam in Johnnie's eyes and shook her head. “Grape is my favorite also, but you're not going to do what I think you're going to do, are you?” she asked haltingly.

Johnnie closed her lips around the Popsicle and then proceeded to lick her way from the base to the tip, until the treat was slick and deep purple with her own saliva. “Mmmm--” Johnnie answered coyly. “I just may.” Then with a little chuckle she said, “I think I’ll do to you what I’m sure you were imagining doing to me when you were devouring yours a few minutes ago.” Johnnie was satisfied that she had been correct in her presumption as a deep cherry blush spread quickly across Marie’s face and chest.

Johnnie toyed with the Popsicle a little more and then brought it down to Marie's nipple, touching the tip with the coldness and watching as a drip of grape flavoring coated the puckering flesh.

Marie gasped and shuddered. Johnnie then trailed the Popsicle over to the other nipple as her mouth closed around the grape coated nipple that the Popsicle had just left. The contrast of Johnnie's hot mouth on one and the freezing Popsicle on the other caused a storm to rise up quickly in Marie.

Johnnie moaned and slid her mouth over to the other nipple, lapping and sucking the grape flavoring from Marie's flesh. She ran the tip of the Popsicle down Marie’s body and along her inner thigh and grinned around the nipple as Marie’s body quivered and shuddered uncontrollably.

“Oh my daaamn! Johnnie, you're wicked and wonderful!” Marie exclaimed. The goose bumps were running rampant over her flesh as she shivered in delight. 

Johnnie sat up and grinned at Marie, “You don't know the half of it yet.” 

Johnnie let her eyes roam freely over the massive size of this woman lying wide open before her. Without hesitating, Johnnie reached down and peeled Marie's lips apart, exposing the already moist pink folds within. Her eyes sought out Marie's, not for permission, but for a reaction, as she moved the Popsicle tip to rest against the girl's heat all in one swift movement.

About the Book

Tiffany only seemed to grow more depressed as the days and weeks passed with little to no word from Susan, she knew that Susan was busy with her new life, but she wanted to be remembered as well. She knew she didn’t have the coping skills to accept getting the brush off.

Leslie felt bad that Abby was heartbroken now that Johnnie was totally out of the picture but she could not contain the hope and anticipation that was growing inside her own heart for TJ the new man in the picture, it would mean the world to her and the boys to have a man around.

Kendra had enjoyed seeing her old childhood sweetheart, Stephanie, when she’d given Teresa a ride to the airport to pick her up. Kendra was now wondering, since they had talked, if the old feelings could be rekindled and even ignited into more adult feelings between the two of them.

Marie half wanted out of this nightmare she was letting herself be drawn deeper into. She kept telling herself that if she could just stick it out for a little longer that just maybe Johnnie would settle down enough to change her abusive ways.

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Tracey was halfway through the second lot of papers when she found her mind wondering for the umpteenth time. She decided to put the papers away and work on them later when she could focus on work and not the lovely Tiffany. She found it harder and harder with each new day, to not think of Tiffany every waking minute.

As she was tucking the papers in their folder and putting it back in her bag, she saw her trusty diary lying at the bottom of the bag. She had always kept one every since she was a little girl, but this one was a lot different than her other life’s diary. This one was primarily about her feelings for Tiffany and she got a tingle just from her fingers brushing over the book, as it lay nestled at the bottom of the bag. This was because in it was the only proof that she was falling head over heels for this woman. She’d never told anyone, but her diary friend, and she knew she probably never would. She knew she could lose her placing as Tiffany’s nurse, and maybe even her job, if the head nurse saw fit to make her pay for her iniquity.

Tracey looked up as if she was about to do something wrong. As she looked around her at all the dull-weathered faces staring blankly into nothing she decided to pull the book out. She didn’t know if she would write anything being this was such an open place with people all around her, and they would be able to see. She cherished her feelings and thoughts about Tiffany and thought them sacred. It was something she didn’t want to share with anyone, especially not strangers, but she still felt the need to see the words of love that were written in the book.

Opening the pages she hunkered down in her seat so she could have a little more privacy, while she slowly read the pages yet again. She had formed a habit of reading and then re-reading every word in the book and had been doing it quite a bit lately.

Tracey always felt at ease when she would open her ‘Tiffany book’, as she called it, because she knew she didn’t have to hide anything from it at all. She could be just as open as she wanted to be in it, without fear of any sort that there might be repercussions about her words.

Tracey usually skipped around to different entries as she would read through the book, but decided this time to start on entry one and go from there. “Maybe,” she thought, “I’ll be able to figure out why this woman has such a hold on me.” She knew she loved Tiffany and each new day just proved that to her more and more, but she truly knew in her heart that it would do no good to figure it out.

Entry One: Dear Diary, Can you believe today was the same old usual referrals? From strokes, RTA’s, substance abuse and blah, blah, blah. The only thing out of the norm was the suicide attempt by that poor young girl. Doesn’t it ever get better? Why can’t I just once, ever, have a different sort of case? Please, don’t get me wrong. I love my job. I love the feeling it gives me when I can help patients start rebuilding their lives.

The sad fact is diary, that people know that I care. Once they find this out about me, they seem to treat my office like it’s a dumping ground for cases they just can’t be bothered with, because they know I’ll not turn them down. They know I’ll pick them right up, because that’s the type of person I am.

But I do wish that sometimes people wouldn’t take advantage of me, and my kind heart so much. This afternoon, on the other hand, there was a late admission to the ward. Her name is Tiffany. She’s the most beautiful woman I believe I’ve ever seen. The funny part is I haven’t seen much of her, because she was pretty beaten up. Even though she was comatose for a long while, she’s still recovering from wounds that didn’t want to heal, so she still has plenty of bandages all over her body. But, she feels beautiful to me from the inside out, diary. I don’t know if you can understand what I’m saying about her, but trust me, she’s the one this time, I’m sure.

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"Around We Go: The Kinky Side" 
Book 7
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Looking at the shirt still in her hand, she folded it nice and neat and got up to put it away on the top shelf of her closet. She couldn't make herself do it just yet. "It would be like admitting I lost her," Abby thought, so she decided to put it under her pillow for now.

Going to her bedroom door, she leaned out and yelled for Emily to come there this instant.

"Shit," Emily said, throwing the ice into the sink that she had been using to try to get the hickey to go away like the woman told her it would. She grabbed the dishtowel and rushed to her room to try to cover the mark as best as she could. "I can't right now, I'm busy Mom," Emily answered back.

"I said now, Emily Lynn! Don't you dare make me come up there, because I am not in the mood. Now get your ass back here and on the double."

She knew it wasn't a very good cover up job but it was the best she could do. She knew she didn't dare take any more time with the tone of voice her Mom was using on her, and the mood she seemed to be in today.

Walking through the bedroom door, Emily was relieved to see that her Mother had the shades down and the curtains closed so it was pretty dark in there. She thought she just might get away with it after all.

"Sit down young lady and I do mean young," Abby said matter-of-factly. She didn't feel like dealing with this right now, but she knew with the way Emily acted it was inevitable that she talk about it."

Emily plopped down on the corner of the bed waiting for her mother to bitch at her for one thing or the other. She knew there was no way she knew about the hickey, cause she didn't even tell Alayna, knowing that she would just use it against her.

"I will ask you once and only once and you will not, I repeat, NOT, lie to me. Do you understand me young lady?" And without waiting for Emily to answer her back she went on, "There seems to be something on your neck that doesn't belong there so you better start speaking."

Emily ran her hand up to her neck to cover the spot that was still cold from the ice. "It's really nothing," she began, but seeing the look on Abby's face and the anger that crossed her eyes, she decided it was a lost cause to lie about it. She knew that she was busted. "I got it yesterday at the zoo," she finally said, "but it's really no big deal Mother. I'm going to be sixteen soon and what's such a big deal about a little hickey anyway? I met a boy and we made out a bit is all."

"Well it is a big deal when you get a hickey from some damn boy you just met," Abby said, growing madder at her daughter's nonchalant attitude. "Emily, you do not just make-out with a boy when you first meet him. Have I not taught you better than that?" she asked feeling defeated once again, as she often did when Emily confronted her.

"Yes, you've taught me better than to just make-out Mom, but I didn't have a whip or handcuffs with me at the time. I don't think he would have wanted to pour candle wax all over my private parts and make me beg him for more. And why not make out with them or let them do things to me when I first meet them? You do it all the time. You bring someone home and do them the first day, just like you did Johnnie. So, you're not one to talk, maybe it just runs in the family or something." She knew the minute she said it that she wished she could take it back, because it was the wrong thing to say.

"I will tell you this only once," Abby managed to get out through a tightly clenched mouth, "I am an adult, and what I choose to do, with whom I chose to do it is none of your concern young lady. You are my daughter, not my keeper. Once you are eighteen and out of this house then you can live your life as you see fit, the same as I do."

"I'm so tired of the 'when I'm eighteen' speech that you always give out to us when you don't want us to do something that you didn't pick for us to do," Emily shot back. 

"You just don't know when to shut your mouth do you missy? I can only hope for your sake little lady that you don't have such a judgmental daughter that you have to try and keep in line all the time like the one I do." When Emily blew out her exasperated breath and rolled her eyes at her mother as she always did, Abby decided she had had enough.

"Since you're tired of listening and I'm tired of talking, until further notice you're on restriction from everything, and I do mean everything. There will be no phone or no going anywhere except to Leslie's house. You can also take that belly ring out and the extra earrings as well, and they will not go back in until further notice, and the way you're going it will be indefinitely. Oh, and let's not forget the big birthday bash you wanted, it is, as of now, officially cancelled, and I will let them know myself. You will stay at Leslie's while Alayna has her party and friends over."

"You are mean and hateful and I hate you, I truly do!" Emily screamed. "It isn't fair to take my sixteenth birthday party away from me. It isn't like we ever get a decent gift from you anyway. You spend all your tip money on those nasty, kinky sex toys."