Famed Author: Tonya L. Chatelain Erotic Lesbian Books
 Author: Tonya L. Chatelain 

             My Erotic Lesbian Books Now Available

      (Book 1. Around We Go)
      (Book 2. Around We Go Again) 
      (Book 3. Around We Go Some More) 
      (Book 4. Around We Go: The Saga Continues)
      (Book 5. Around We Go: Love Intertwines)
      (Book 6. Around We Go: A New Beginning)
      (Book 7. Around We Go: The Kinky Side)

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 I write Erotic Lesbian Novels with lots of Twists. 
All seven books are one series so make sure to start with book 1
If you're interested in this type of book they're available in soft back or E-book form. 
 If you would like to order one or more and don't have a credit card to order online 
please email me at TLCNovels@aol.com
 You can also order from most online book stores, such as 
Amazon.com,  Barnsandnoble.com,  Booksamillion.com, etc. 
Or even have your local bookstore order them for you, just give them
my full name or the name of the books. 
Thank you.
On November 13, Tonya was born, then raised on a farm in KY. She worked for many years as a crisis intervention, Rape and phone counselor. She is proud of her adult children and grandchildren, she's an author and accomplished artist. Several of her paintings have been shown in galleries. She focuses her work on the female body through her art, and words. Her spare time is spent helping the homeless through a mission named K.A.W.S. that she started with her family many years ago. She touches everyone she meets in one-way or the other. Ms. Chatelain now lives the dream in Florida typing away.

100% of all monies from all her books and artwork goes to charity!

Personal note from Tonya: 
I want to take a minute to thank some special people. My Grown Children as well as my Editors and proofreader Abby and Ang, My soul sisters Cindy and Neda 
Thank you guys for all your hard work. Your great... 
Also I need to thank my wonderful fans... 
You're all very special to me!
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 "Around We Go" 
was Diva's runners-up for Book of the Year 2002. 
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