Around We Go Books 1-4 Around We Go Books 1-4
"Around We Go"
Book 1
About the book

Susan felt torn about the feelings she was still harboring for her college sweetheart, as well as those for the new woman she met on the mountain one cold snowy night. Her life had taken a sudden turn when, out of the blue, she received a call from her ex after many years asking her to be the maid of honor at her wedding. As all her feelings and emotions came rushing back, it was all she could do to stay calm. She reluctantly said yes, when all she wanted to do was scream "no". 

It was late one evening on a mountain in Colorado when her life was changed, and not even her past could hurt her now. Her car sliding off the road, seemed like destiny when it brought her into the arms of her rescuer. It was now the future that she was more afraid of. The only thing that felt real and right was how wonderful she felt being with this woman, wrapped in her arms, and making passionate love to her at every opportunity. 

From a houseboat in Key West to a home in the mountains, would the love they had for one another be strong enough to keep them together through all that was about to happen? Things seemed to be going good, maybe too good, until the phone rang-- 

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About an hour or more had passed when she thought she heard a sound. She couldn't make out if it was the wind teasing her into a sense of false hope, or if it was actually a sound that would bring someone to her rescue.  As time ticked by slowly, she realized that the sound was growing louder. She knew it was some sort of machine, and it seemed to be heading her way. She heaved a sigh of relief at the thought of not having to stay in the tomb-like car, but then her thoughts began to wonder about what sort of person was coming to her aid.

About forty-five minutes later the sound stopped right outside the car. Holding her breath, she heard the snow crunching under someone's feet. She about jumped out of her skin when the knock on the window came. Susan tried the door handle but the door wouldn't budge now. It had only been about two hours since she had gotten back in the car but the door was frozen tight and she could not open it. She couldn't see out the frosted window at all. 

About the Book:

Susan and Stephanie seemed to be meant for each other. From Susan's fateful drive into a snow bank and Stephanie's debonair rescue of the damsel in distress, to eventually becoming lovers and partners in building the Flibberty Jibberty Rose Ranch, there seemed to be no limit to how far these two could go together. Could one phone call put an end to the blissful life the two had carved out for themselves? 

No matter how much pain Tiffany had caused in Susan's life, she would never have wished such a horrible thing to have happened to Tiffany. Hearing of Tiffany's near death experience, caused by a brutal attack while on her visit to Australia, brought forth feelings and emotions that Susan thought she had long ago laid to rest. Her heart grieved for Tiffany and she knew she had no choice but to go to her. Would the love that Susan and Stephanie shared be strong enough to keep them together with so many miles separating them, especially with Johnnie waiting in the wings to fill in for the absent Susan? 

In this exciting sequel to Around We Go, watch as the author weaves the tangled web even tighter.

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Johnnie heard the crash and came running into the house to see what had happened. She rounded the corner, caught sight of Steph, and burst out laughing. 

"I am so sorry Steph. I don't mean to laugh at you, but you look damn funny sprawled out on the floor covered in flour. What in the hell were you trying to do?" 

"Shut up," Steph said, pouting. "It isn't funny. I was trying to bake some cookies, somehow lost my footing, and down I went with the huge bowl of flour and all. I think I twisted my leg in the process." 

"Oh no," Johnnie said, as she rushed to help her up and see where she was hurt. By the time she had managed to help Steph to the stool, they were both covered in flour and laughing hysterically. 

"Excuse me," a deep husky female voice said, "I don't mean to barge in on you all or anything, but we rang the bell and when no one came, I thought I would come back here to see if I could find someone. We heard laughing, so we knew someone was here." 

Johnnie and Steph looked up at the same time to see the big bull dyke standing in the doorway with her hands on her hips and a smile on her face. 

"I am so sorry," Steph said stumbling all over her words while trying to bring herself up to a standing position with Johnnie's help. "I was trying to bake and had a little mishap, as you can see no cookies for dessert tonight," she added with a giggle. 

All three women started laughing at that, "Ok now. What can I do you for?" Steph asked, as she tried to hobble over to the other side of the room. 

"I know we're a day early," the woman said, "but I was hoping you could make room for us anyway. If it's a problem then we will see what else we can do for tonight in making other arrangements." 

"I think we can fit you in. I will tell you though, you will need to make your own rooms up, as I wasn't going to get them done until tomorrow and now with this hurt leg..." she let the rest of what she might have said trail off. 

With Johnnie's help she managed to get to the front desk. She knew that she wasn't going much further than that. When she tried to put weight on her leg, she winced in pain and looked at Johnnie. 

"Woman, go sit down. I'll get them checked in and all set for the evening. I will take them their linens and towels, and then I am taking you to the medical center." 

Steph started to protest as Johnnie added, "and I'll have no arguing about it. Now sit there and be quiet." 

Stephanie blushed as several of the woman started making low cat calls under their breath. Several more whistled loudly and said, "You go girl, you tell her." 

Steph was impressed with the way Johnnie took over and at how smoothly the check-in went. She also knew she would never tell her, or Johnnie would never let her live it down. 

Before Steph knew what was happening, Sam, the big bull dyke, bent down, scooped Steph up, and carried her out to Johnnie's truck. 

"Damn!" Steph said as she put her seat belt on. She thanked Sam and closed the door, "When did you enlist her help?" 

Johnnie chuckled but said nothing as she started the truck.

"Around We Go Again"
Book 2
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"Around We Go Some More"
Book 3
About the Book:

Susan and her newly adopted son, little Billy, ventured into their lives together. The separation from Stephanie had given her plenty of time to search her heart. Susan knew that she loved her, but would Stephanie want her back when she found out about Billy and his illness? 

What did Lisa, the attorney from Florida, showing up out of the blue mean for Susan? Would Lisa end up taking away everything she loved? 

Stephanie agonized over her feelings for both women. She loved Susan more than anything, but there was something about Johnnie that captivated her, drawing her in. Loneliness filled her days and consumed her nights. She longed to feel her touch once more. 

Johnnie couldn't understand Stephanie's motives for coming on to her. Now with Susan back in the States, would Johnnie again have to pack up her little red truck and move on? 

Abby was a new player in their intricate lives, would she fit in and be embraced? 

The haunting dreams were becoming more realistic, causing Tiffany to grow miserable each day. She relived the attack every time she closed her eyes. "How can I live like this the rest of my life," She cried inwardly.

Free Preview:

She passed the highway leading up the mountain to the Flibberty Jibberty Rose Ranch. She didn't know what made her do it. When she turned towards the ranch instead of going straight on up the road to the bank, and then on to the highway heading out of town, she felt bemused by her own actions. 

"What the hell are you doing this for? All it will get you is more trouble," she thought to herself. Teresa had said that Stephanie was riding the fence lines, and she knew she would have very little, if any, trouble finding her. She knew the ranch as well as she knew the lines on the back of her own hand. 

Johnnie parked the truck at the west pasture and got out. Straining to listen and hearing nothing, she decided to start heading out along the trail. She didn't want to be doing this, but she knew she could not leave town without at least saying good-bye to Stephanie. 

Johnnie caught sight of Stephanie, after more than an hour of walking. She was crouched over to fix two loose wires at the base of a fence post. As she approached, Johnnie knew that Stephanie was still oblivious to her, as well as everything else around her. 

Johnnie knew, in that instance, what she was going to do. She figured she would be slapped or at the very least cursed out, but she knew she didn't care. Right now, all she wanted was to feel this woman in her arms at least one more time. 

Stephanie was startled when she heard a husky voice behind her say, "Close your eyes and don't turn around. I will not hurt you, I will never hurt you." She felt a hand on her shoulder and another hand caressing her back. As she gasped in a large gulp of air, she shut her eyes. Stephanie was more turned on than she cared to admit and she most definitely was not afraid. 

Stephanie rolled her head back and let her eyes remain closed. "If she pretended not to know who this was then it would all be ok, to do just one more time," she thought. "No one will get hurt. No one will even need to know." 

"If you want me to stop I will," the voice whispered. "But, I don't want to stop. I don't want to ever stop, please don't make me stop baby. Please say you want me to keep going, to love you, please say you will keep me forever." 

"No, I don't want you to stop." Stephanie pleaded into the air, as hands caressed her shoulders, and lips brushed against her ear and neck sending shivers down her body. "I do want this, I want it right now, but I don't want it forever--" she let her last statement trail off and be carried away with the wind.

"Around We Go : The Saga Continues "
Book 4
About the Book:

Lisa, the attorney from Florida, was now proving to be holding more cards in this game of their lives than Susan would have ever thought possible.

Susan had not been at the barbeque more than twenty minutes when she first spotted Lisa. She was indeed intrigued by her, but even more leery of the fact that she might try to take little Billy away. Susan knew if this happened, her world would be torn apart. Would Susan's decision to try to get Lisa on her side any which way she could pay off in the end, or would it just leave her even more heart broken than Stephanie had already left her.

Johnnie was beginning to feel the strain of the new lifestyle she had been recently introduced into. She was starting to think she wasn't ready for it. She knew she would never be ready for the kid baggage that came along with being with Abby. Would the allure of this woman be enough to make her stay, or would she high tail it out of there the first chance she got?

And what did Larry making the phone call to Tiffany mean for the both of them?

Free Preview:

Susan woke up feeling relaxed and refreshed. She couldn't remember sleeping that well in a long time, and it was nothing more than a couple of hours nap. She rummaged through her suitcase and then her clothes, which were hanging in the closet, trying to decide what to wear. She couldn't decide on chic casual to impress Lisa or down home comfortable to fit in with Charles and Joyce.

"Wait a minute," she said to herself in the mirror as she held both outfits up in front of her. "Why do you want to try to impress someone you've never met before?" The little nagging voice in the back of her head said this woman was a lawyer who just happened to handle adoptions, and she's right here in town while there is something wrong with her own adoption case for little Billy.

She found this was weighing heavily in the back of her mind, and when she admitted it to herself, she found it even harder to push back. It just seemed like too much of a coincidence to her. She knew the sheriff had said she was here because of the Florida woman's kids, but it all seemed too odd to her, the timing was just too perfect.

She would fight for little Billy with all that she had. She didn't doubt her love for him and she knew he was meant to be in her life. Things over the last couple of years had been haywire. She felt that each event had lead to another, and had brought her to this point in time. So, she would not let anyone take him from her, no matter what she needed to do. Even if she needed to play with Lisa's emotions to get her on her side, and Susan knew she was just the woman to do it too.

"Sheriff Charles would not do that to me," she decided out loud. "You're just being a silly paranoid, so stop it now and have fun this evening."

"So trey chic it is," she decided. "Hell, if she was going to impress on this woman that she wasn't a bad person, or a bad mother, then she might as well go all the way," she thought.

She carefully put on the added touches of jewelry she needed after dressing and doing her makeup. Admiring the final result in the mirror, she was satisfied that she looked as good as she could look after the day she'd had.

In the elevator, on the way to the convertible, she made a pact with herself that she was going to put Stephanie and all the other bullshit out of her head. She was going to have fun and scope out this lawyer to see if she could figure out her intentions.

She had been told that the car was parked on the top level of the hotel-parking garage in spot number thirteen. As the elevators opened at the top level, she came out to find all but a few spots empty. At the very back of the parking lot she could see a very shiny, brand new, red convertible. Seeing no other, she knew that was her rental, but was taken aback, never expecting it to be red.

"No way," she thought as she got closer and pushed the unlock button on the remote. She had been holding her breath, until the light on the car blinked and the horn sounded. "Oh I love this car," she said out loud to the deserted surroundings of the garage.

She didn't realize she liked sports cars, until that very minute when she got in behind the wheel. "This one is a big, big difference from the last time I rented a car." She said as she tried all the gadgets, while thinking back to that moment.
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"Hello in there, are you all right?" 

"I can't open the door, it's frozen solid," she called out to whomever was on the other side of the door. Susan was shocked to hear a woman's voice. 

"I'll be right back, just hold tight for one minute. Don't go away," she said in a light tone. 

"Funny," Susan muttered softly. She could hear the footsteps walk away then back again a few moments later. 

"I'm back," the voice called. "When I say push... push on the door as hard as you can, got it?" 

"Yeah I got it," Susan said. She could hear the metal grinding, as the woman with the sexy voice began prying on the door with something. 

"Ok, push!" the voice called. With that, Susan pushed with all she had. She gasped in surprise, as the door flew open and she came face to face with a woman in a black ski mask. 

"Hi, I'm Stephanie and you're one lucky woman. If I hadn't heard your car come over the mountain when I was out getting in my wood, you would have been stuck out here for days." 

"Then I guess I should thank you for coming to my rescue. Hello, I'm Susan. How did you know I crashed?" 

"It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure that one out," Stephanie said. "You're in a little car on an icy mountain road. First I hear your engine and then just minutes later, I don't. I knew you couldn't have gotten far in that amount of time. My Tractor could barely make it and it's made for this kind of weather, so I put two and two together. I get to find a pretty damsel in distress and I am now the hero," she added with a laugh. "Now come on, before you stand here and freeze to death. We can talk at the house." She walked away leaving Susan standing there with her mouth open. 

Susan hurried to catch up to her. She was trying to stay close behind her newfound hero, but was having a hard time keeping up. As she got to the Tractor, Stephanie was already aboard. Susan tried to climb up, but slipped right back off the steps, landing on her butt. 

"Are you OK?" Stephanie called over the noise of the tractor. 

"Yes," Susan said. It was her pride that was hurt, more so than her butt. 

"Ok, lets try this again." She almost lost her footing again when she felt Stephanie's hand grab her arm, helping her the rest of the way up. 

It was a long slow ride back up the mountain. Susan was frozen solid when they got to the cabin. "What ever possessed you to go out in a blizzard like this, and in a light weight coat? Not to mention that small ass car you have.....